The most dangerous number in an online business

A lot of people get the perception that I hate MLM.

Although I wouldn’t exactly call it “hate” — it just isn’t for me.

(I’d rather build my own business and products. But truth me told, I’ve subscribed to a few MLM products in the past with no regrets)

Whether it’s MLM or other forms of passive income, one of the smartest things you can do in your business is to diversify.

Think: Whether it’s a sport, with employees, or your family — diversity is what makes goals possible (or unattainable).

It’s the same with the revenue streams in your business:

You need to diversify to create security and a steady flow of income.

(The worst number in any business is “one” – especially in an online business when it comes to revenue streams)

Enter a convo with Sandi (crazykalelady) we had yesterday:

She’s already making money via her MLM business, but wants to build her brand online to scale and help more people with digital products.

(Super smart)

That’s where Email Elite comes in.

It’s no “online course”

In fact, it’s more personal help and community than anything else —

which means you get personal attention from me on the business you’re growing online.

(IF you’re wanting to sell digital products and services.)

More (and the bonuses that go away this weekend) here:

Jeremy Montoya

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