Chances are high you’ve gotten a lot of krap advice

No time to fumble around today.

Below are some great questions I’ve been getting on SnapSnap and from email subscribers.


Question: What if I a small/non-existent email list?

Jeremy: Start small.

Think about people in your personal network first, then grow from there.

When you’re starting out – whatever you do –stay away from paid traffic, running webinars, and other gimmicks being peddled online these days.

Question: What if I already have products?

Great. You’re ahead of the game.

Are they selling the way you want?

If not, you have to go to your market and make sure it’s solving a huge pain point they’re willing to pay for what you’re offering.

^^the number 1 reason they aren’t selling is because it’s not what they want, or you aren’t telling them about your products the way they’re thinking about their problems.

Question: You send a lot of emails, do I have to do the same to get results in my business?

Jeremy: Nope.

But you do have to follow up frequently…

And you have to be able to stomach unsubscribers – they’re a good thing.

When you learn the ins and outs of how I run my business, and why, you’ll quickly want to do the same.

However, there’s much to do before that point.

Question: Can you help me grow my business?

Jeremy: Yup.

Honestly, I get this question non-stop every day.

This is in reference to telling her exactly what to do to grow an online business.

Here’s the thing:

It’s impossible for me to dive into every business without 1) me knowing your background, your market, and what you’ve already tried, and, 2) you knowing my mindset, lingo, and methodology when it comes to running an online business.

(and chances are high you’ve gotten a lot of crap advice – meaning we have lots of undoing to do)

The best way to have me personally help you is to either hire me personally ($500+ /mo.) to get my eyes on your biz…

Or to join Email Elite – which gets you three 45-minute one-on-one sessions where we pry your market open and develop your product and email strategy (or tear down and re-do your existing one).

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