How to play the long-game and win in your online business

The “Black Mamba” (aka Kobe Bryant) played his last NBA game yesterday.

In the last minutes, the Lakers (Kobe’s team) were down – and made an amazing comeback to win in the final seconds, ending his career with a bang.


The Golden State Warriors were playing on another channel, where they were set to break previous NBA records untouched since the MJ days.

On one side, you have a player leaving a legacy, and on the other, you have a team creating theirs.

When I look at most online entrepreneurs, I see them playing one of two “games”:

One is short sighted, lacks strategy, is usually full of self-promotion on every social media channel, and makes little to no money (ever).

Those folks never last.

The other kind of online business owner surrounds themselves with people already winning, focuses on revenue-generating tasks (the 20% – like validating their market, building their list, and creating great products), and invests their time and resources in places that’ll get them long-lasting results.

These people – much like Kobe in the long-run and the Warriors right now – will go on to be respected in their industry and remembered by their followers.

Unfortunately, they are the exception.

The lesson here?

Play the long game and avoid time-wasting mistakes.

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