Up in the gym just working on my business

I stopped going to the gym recently.

My excuse:

Working on my business and launching Email Elite.



But, going to they gym and keeping up with my nutrition helps me stay more focused in my business.

As I write this from Starbucks, I’m so sore that it actually hurt my arm to write in my journal this morning because I’m full-swing back into my fitness regimen.

(food is on point too)

Getting in shape is tough because you can’t see immediate results sometimes and because it isn’t easy.

Reminds me of when I was building my online business.

In fact, the way I’ve stuck with growing my email list and business is no different than how I got back on the fitness bandwagon:

The gym I go to is a bootcamp where 30 or so folks show up each day to be led by a few highly-qualified coaches. The environment is high-energy, motivating, it can be as difficult as you want it to be, and the coaches bake-in parts of the workouts designed to push everyone beyond their limits.

The trainers often work out with us and even they are struggling though the workouts, too.

^^which makes me feel a ton better about myself. Ha.

This brings me to Email Elite.

(see how I did that?)

This hybrid one-on-one coaching program and community is exactly what you need if you’re serious about growing your online business, and if you need accountability and fluff-free advice from a highly qualified coach.

(I’ve helped people like Lewis Howes, Rick Mulready, Natalie Sisson, and countless others build their list and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital products)

Email Elite enables you to go at your own pace while me and other members push you to be better and stay focused on your goals.

Whether you already have products (or not), a big or small email list, or even a website…

I’ll personally help you focus on what matters in your business so you can actually get results.

Check it out here:


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