Some janky pieced together mess

I’ve been getting tons of questions about why I’m calling Email Elite a “hybrid” one-on-one program and community for list building and making money online.

So let’s dive in…

First, over the last two years I’ve created a step-by-step system that me and a few private students have been using that I’m looking to help 10 more online business owners with.

But, before I turn Email Elite into a “hard course”, I decided to implement part of my own system along the way.

(I mean, if I taught something but didn’t follow it myself I’d be just like 95% of the other peeps in your inbox)

You see, my system involves getting paid each step of the way for products your audience actually wants.

That means no guessing and wasting your time making products they’ll never buy.

Once you validate at the first stage, you move to the second and go from there.

(this means you treat your online business like a startup and not some janky pieced together mess – taking notes yet?)

So, sometime in 2017 I’ll have dozens of testimonials I’ll use to revamp Email Elite into a monthly membership that comes with a course and community – and one-on-one will go away.

(making the best time to join Email Elite right now – because you get my personal attention, something I’m charging $500+ per hour for these days – on top of the $1K plus in bonuses you’ll get which will save for another email)

All this for a lowly $59 per month (billed annually).

But I’m only letting serious business owners into the community.

More on the specifics await you here:

Jeremy Montoya

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