Getting your biz off the ground and into the world

Seems like everyone online these days thinks they’ve coined words like “authenticity”, “transparency”, and “social equity”.

This leaves most people I talk with chasing their tail with tons of followers and pretty videos on their well-branded websites…

But without an email list, and, worse, sales.

Incomes a message from Email Elite Founding Member Julie:

… for some reason I was reading all of your emails! Even though they are every day and even though they are pretty plain (no offence!) to look at. Your talent in writing them shines through. I feel that it resonates with me. More like my style. Well, at least my authentic style. I’ve been trying to be something I’m actually not.

I have a very strong message (I think, of revolutionary proportions!) but I have so much advice flying at me, I really don’t know what to do first and how to do it. I know my unique talent, my mission, my target audience and my dream goals. But I lack clarity on the next and best steps. I feel that it’s to grow my list with ‘good’ people but I’m scattered on HOW.

I’m really excited to find out how I can best get on with it. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for almost a year now (since my book was published) and I’m going to give it everything i can for the rest of 2017 to make it work.

I really like the idea of a daily trip to the coffee shop to write too. My household situation has never been so chaotic (we live in Spain and on 19th March found 7 newborn puppies in a rubbish bin) but voila! my procrastination has stopped and I make the most of every minute.

So you see, time is precious and I feel that if I can be more specific and targeted on what I do with my time, I might actually stand a chance of gettin my biz off the ground and into the world.

The reality is that you can have your dream business starting today…

Or sometime in the “future”.

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Jeremy Montoya

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