Full-time biz vs. Hobby entrepreneur

Something unexpected happened to me about a year ago…

It started in 2014 when I began making a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie every morning.

Literally overnight it became the highlight of my day.

A few months into my journey, a ‘switch’ (of sorts) went off in my head…

I said, “Self, if you can have a breakfast without eggs or dairy (which I’ve grown allergic to), then can you have other meals without them?”

Puzzled, I responded “SELF! YOU CAN!”

And so I began eating more raw foods and vegetarian/vegan options.

Then it happened:

Someone asked on FlakeBook to a group: “are you addicted to meat?”

I almost couldn’t bear the question.

So in February of 2015 I did the unexpected and went Vegan.

This is often how it can be when you’re building your online business:

You start trying some things out after work and on weekends, start building your site, start your social media accounts – and then you ask yourself (or are lucky enough to have someone challenge you with) “can you build your business full-time?”

While it’s completely possible (I’m living proof), it’s not reality for most people who try.

Just like anything else, only 10–20% (MAX) will ever find success.

Those that do always have the same thing in common:

They find out the things to avoid and stay away from relentlessly, surround themselves with successful people and others on the same mission, and focus their effort on the 20% that actually drives results in business.

(that 20% being growing your list, knowing what products will solve their biggest issues, and offering those products in a way that practically forces them to purchase)

^^This is what sparked the idea behind Email Elite – a hybrid one-on-one and group coaching community designed to create profitable online businesses and successful entrepreneurs.

(which is currently only available to early birds until this evening, where you’ll have your chance to become a Founding Member at an introductory, one time rate)

The sales page will go up later tonight with more details – but in the meantime, I want to know:

Are you building your online business full-time?

Or is it just a hobby at the moment?

Jeremy Montoya

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