Why faded shirts are just like most marketing tactics

Yesterday marked my Godson Tommy’s second birthday, so me and the sis had a blast shopping for gifts for him.

He’s in the “Spiderman” phase right now, so we wanted to get him a shirt.

The options were:

A red cotton shirt with the classic SpiderMan logo, or a “dri-fit” style shirt with a cooler material but newer logo that we thought he might not recognize.

We decided to go with the newer-logo shirt with cool material (it’s getting hot here in AZ), and even got it a size or two bigger than he is (so he can grow into it).

More on this in just a second.

Here’s why this matters to you:

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Back to the Spiderman shirt…

One of the other reasons we decided against the cotton Spiderman shirt is because it’ll fade quickly when washed – much like most marketing tactics being taught these days.

These tactics focus on you creating a product, but not building your audience and effectively launching your product – without wasting countless hours making something people don’t buy.

My Godson is a little too small for this shirt (right now), but will soon grow into it – just like you might feel it’s too soon to generate revenue from your list or that they won’t respond to your next offer because they’ve “gone quiet” after your last launch.

When you learn proven strategies you can use over and over again, you hold the key to consistent and predictable revenue in your business…

Even if you haven’t launched a product before or haven’t had success.

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More tomorrow,

Jeremy Montoya

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