45% open rates = email game strong

I see this happening over and over:

A product idea comes to mind so you rush to start putting it together and launching it to your list.

No strategy.

No “here’s what I think I’ll do…”

Just pure winging-it.

While this can sometimes work – it never ends purtty.

You end up attracting customers who are a pain or who end up refunding because you didn’t take the proper time to think your strategy through.

That’s what I’ve seen as I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs strengthen their email game and get more sales (and subscribers) in the process.

Like my partner Kristian Cotta, for example:

The dude posted a SnapSnap pic of his email account showing a 45%+ open rate (!) from implementing advice after a 5 minute conversation with me.

How do you think response will be to his upcoming product launches?

Me thinks it’ll be nothing short of a success.

The reality is that every situation is different.

And, while open rates hardly matter (it’s all about the sales, people)…

If you want to sell more products (and grow your list in the process), there are a few key things you can’t ignore in your game plan.

(no, I’m not talking “branding” or social media here, honey)

The details are coming together on enrollment for email coaching in the coming days where I’ll be walking a few peeps through properly using email to launch a product to.

Planning a product launch in the next 90 days?

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In the meantime…

Did this hit you right where it counts?

Reply and let me know.

Jeremy Montoya

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