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After over a year, Elvis got his first ‘official’ haircut by a dog groomer yesterday (and a much needed bath).

In the past we’ve just taken scissors to him here and there when his fur gets out of hand.

He looks like a completely different dog – and I’m sure he feels like it too.

This reminded me a ton of what happened when I got my first ‘official’ mentor some time ago…

He showed me that I had way too much going on and needed to ‘cut away’ in order to grow in the right places.

It wasn’t easy.

But I went from making exactly zero dollars and almost going on a job-hunt to now loving my agency (and team) and now focusing on digital products and services.

Nowadays I spend a lot of my time helping budding entrepreneurs to create their business from scratch to leave their 9-to–5 or helping existing online business owners use email to have the business they dreamed of.

How does this relate to you?

Well, I’m won’t be taking on any more 9-to–5-ers just yet…

But I am looking to help create some more case-studies for:

  • Building your email list to launch your first product
  • Creating your signature offering and launching it successfully to your email list
  • Helping you start selling to your existing list

So, if any of those sound like you, here’s what you need to know:

In order to grow your business, it typically takes a lot of “cutting away” – much like what Elvis experienced yesterday. What I offer isn’t cheap (it’s meant for “investment-minded” peeps only) and will require hard work.

But, if you’re willing to stay focused and potentially cut out what’s not working…

Then go here and you’ll be first to know when I’ve officially opened these slots for help selling more products in your online business.

Jeremy Montoya

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