How selling online is *actually* done

One of the reasons I despise social media is because there’s always a new platform popping up.

While this poses great opportunities to grow your following…

Seldom does it grow your bank account.

(which is what most people I talk with – and observe – actually need)

So it ends up being one giant distraction of chasing followers or likes.

True story:

I see people go on one platform, grow a big audience, and then ditch it when it becomes “mainstream” or a new more shiny platform comes around.

In fact, if you look at the surface, I’ve done the same thing…

I got on Periscope early on, started using it daily, grew a loyal fanbase, then dropped off the map. Now you’ll find me on SnapSnap walking around like a one-man paparazzi exposing every area of my life and journey.

But from my perspective I haven’t really changed a thing:

My strategy has been – and will always be (until something truly triumphs it which I don’t see happening in the next 10 years) – building and mailing my email list(s).

It’s how selling online is *actually*  done.

People get mad all the time when some “star” they follow on social media abandons the platform they’re a fan of.

But, if they have a list, they do no wrong IMO.

In fact, they’re probably doing more for their biz (and you) by sticking with what works:


Jeremy Montoya

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