Tell them I told you to

The person who taught me how to curse was in town this weekend.

(if you follow me on SnapSnap then you saw)

Yup, Grannie was here in full effect.

True story:

When I was about three she taught me how to say “fugk a duck”.

(Mom wasn’t all that happy)

One thing I love about Grannie is that she isn’t one of those people walking around saying “respect your elders” or some other crap.

No, she respects others first and acts accordingly – basically commanding respect of her own if you’re going to be around.

Wish the same was going on in the online business space…

There’s a lot of folks online who say you must build the “know, like, and trust factor” with your audience.

I call BS.


Because I know hundreds of people that I like that would never buy from.

That’s why I focus on something different:

Trust + Respect.

These two take a long time to form and can be lost in an instant…


When you have this with your audience, they’ll do things like:

  • Buy your products without looking at a sales page or thinking twice
  • Talk about you to their list and friends at conferences
  • Become a raving fan of yours wherever you hang out online
  • Convince others they need to follow you, too

So next time you hear someone talking about “know, like, and trust”, join me in telling them what they can go do to a duck and focus on what matters instead.

Jeremy Montoya

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