Leather-shoed list-building lessons

Coming to you from my neighborhood Starbucks where I’m sitting staring at a pair of leather shoes I got last week.

Normally I’m in Phoenix after brunch at my favorite vegan breakfast joint, but downtown was a mess because of some parade, so I headed back towards home.

Anyways, back to these shoes.

Seriously – the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, called Sperry’s – have you heard of them?

(ha. a vegan with leather shoes)

A former girlfriend use to be all about them, but I resisted even looking into them.

Recently I noticed them out in the wild, and then my sister asked if she could buy me some shoes as a birthday gift.

(perfect timing)

So we went to the Sperry store nearby and I slipped on a pair.

Game over.

While they weren’t cheap (thanks sis), the rep told me to expect them to last 5–10 years.

They didn’t have my size so they shipped them and I found myself checking in daily to see if they arrived.

It was driving me bonkers – I wanted these damn shoes!

The funny thing (and how this relates to you and your business):

Now I see them around A TON.

You see, I heard of these shoes years ago but never thought twice about them. Yet, one day I noticed them and thought they looked kinda cool and thought “I could rock those”. So, when the opportunity struck, I made a quick decision with very little friction.

This is the power you get when you have clear messaging (copy writing) and relentless follow up (list building and mailing).

This is the same effect your business should have.

Even if someone signs up for your list and immediately unsubscribes – they’re aware of you.

And – should you stay in the game long enough – when they have the problem you’re suited to solve and you appear in their world, they’ll want to buy from you right away and cherish your products like I do these shoes.

The moral?

Keep building your list and keep mailing them – you never know when it’s the perfect timing for someone in your audience to buy your product or services.

Jeremy Montoya

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