Focusing on size like boys in a locker room

Quick story:

I recently started using a standing desk in my home office. I get lots of health benefits like burning extra calories, keeping my blood flowing, and I feel like I overall think better.

And, while all of those things are fine and dandy, what I like most is simply not sitting.

Therefore, my standing desk doesn’t help me stand — it helps me not sit.

What’s this gotta do with building an email list?

Almost nothing.

Except this:

Most people these days are chasing the “big list” carrot so they can tout their size at conferences like boys in a locker room.

But if you’re just focused on size, you’re doing it allll wrong.

Your mission should purely be sales.

(Is that not the most important part of owning a business?)

Subscriber count, frequency, and opens can all be indicators of a strong email list (like standing and burning calories are when I stand) — but nothing trumps sales (just like how I value not sitting over everything else).

Focus on the one thing that matters and you can practically disregard everything else.



Jeremy Montoya

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