The view on the guru

In response to one of my recent emails:


… I’ve been following closely, your view on the guru (there’s a rhyme in there somewhere).

And today I got a blatant email from an email guru talking about using emotions in email titles. He says they are the secret to his success and clearly everyone else’s for that matter. In a post of another ‘guru’ on Facebook, the use of emotion was totally slated.

I guess we cannot be everything to everyone as you confirmed in your email today. But we can be totally swept along by what is ‘trending’ at the moment in a plea to win hearts and the content of the odd wallet now and again.


Oh the things we’ll do to get in the odd wallet…

Here’s my take:

Everyone these days is a “guru” of some kind – and the internet has made it easier than ever for these peeps to sprout up practically overnight.

As someone who’s (admittedly) fallen victim to a guru a few times, it’s my duty to do everything I can to prepare you for when you cross one of these troll’s bridges.


First, question everything EVERYONE online says.

Second, think thrice about opening your wallet.

Third, don’t rely on their circle of “high profile” friends to vet them.

Fourth, (and final for today), always implement some of their advice and get a stellar result BEFORE purchasing.

When you do find the guru for you (see what I did there?), be sure to latch on – tight – and follow their teaching closely.

More tomorrow,

Jeremy Montoya

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