Don’t leave your marketing up to chance

I saw Batman vs. Superman the other day and noticed something interesting:

Of the 7 people (or so) people I went with, only me and another friend enjoyed it.

When you look at the reviews – not so pretty.

Me thinks a psychological factor is at play here.


A lot of people will speculate about your products, courses, and content – but never buy.

They’ll hear one guru say something is working really well for them (usually some short-lived social media tactic) and go on to think anything else is a lie.

Those are the folks you want to stay away from.

The people that you do want to attract are ones that’ll take action on your advice and report back on their findings.

(few and far of these kinds there are)

Did these movie reviewers who are big in the media get a hold of the minds of public (and the friends I went with to the movie)?

I dunno.

Here’s what I do know:

The best way to influence any audience (especially when it comes to buying and using your products) is with an email list.

When you leave this up to social media (or anyone else, for that matter) you’re leaving it up to chance.

Take charge of your business by building your list and leave everything else to the pundits.

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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