Entrepreneurs doing “the deed”

This was my morning:

6:00 AM alarm(s) go off…

Strange noises are coming from Elvis’s side of the room and I pick up my head to see him staring back at me from his kennel.

So, I get up and we head to the backyard.

Without skipping a beat, he grabs his toy and starts whipping his head back and forth – then goes on to prance through my un-mowed lawn.

At this point, I’ve yelled “go poop!” about 5 times and he finally gets the message, assumes the position, and does the deed.


This reminds me a whole lot of most entrepreneurs these days…

… who, instead of doing what needs to be done (the “deed” – aka focus on money-making tasks like prospect convos or list-building) prefer to play with toys online and make a bunch of noise about it on social media to their “friends”.

’Tis a fast way to go broke.

Sometimes you know exactly what you need to do, but not where to start.

That’s when it becomes easy to procrastinate on the hard work to go play on social media or consume content that won’t help you right now.

I’ve been there – hell, even this week.

So I know how you feel.

If this sounds even remotely like your day, you’re not alone.

I chat with and help entrepreneurs in this situation everyday (not going to the potty – c’mon) to get to revenue in the most efficient way and build a list of people interested in your skill or passion to let them scale their business.

Here’s all you need to know:

I’ll be opening some slots soon to help some people who are serious about moving the ball in their life – and it’s perfect for you if you have problems doing “the deed” in your business.

Stay tuned,

Jeremy Montoya

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