A fool-proof map to this online space

Did you know there’s a debate about what was said when Neil Armstrong first (allegedly) stepped foot on the moon?

Most places cite Armstrong’s famous words as:

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

But the argument that Armstrong maintained until his death in 2013 was slightly different:

“That’s one small step for a man…”

(queue unsubscribes from my female audience)

I’m not here to argue either (although one makes more sense to me than the other…).

But the fact is that what most people hear about anything is usually wrong.

Let’s look at building an online business, for example:

Most people hear guru X shouting from the mountain tops on social media and go about mimicking their every move, repeating their quotes (even though they have no context – even in their own business). And then it’s off to the races to establish a logo and tagline.

Typically even guru X knows that none of that is business (at least I hope).

No, their grupies would be better suited understanding how to find a problem to market a solution for…

Could be digital product, but preferably a service to start out (it’s easier, you get more answers for your long-term play).

Then they would build an email list, then maybe a website (big maybe).

At that point, they’re making money, creating more offers, and can afford to do anything their little heart desires.

My plan is to never be misquoted, so you see it here in black and white:

Don’t trust everything you hear + question everything.

^^now that’s a fool-proof map to this online space if you ask me.

Jeremy Montoya

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