Don’t you dare be a Hare

Easter always reminds me of my favorite business book:

The Tortoise And The Hare.

While it’s a simple parable, in it you’ll find one of the most valuable lessons in life, business, and yes, email list-building.

See, these days there’s a guru and set of grupies on every corner who make you want to be the Hare – i.e. the “fastest” person to finish the race.

(as if there’s really a race going on)

They’ll sell you paid traffic strategies far before you’re ready. You’ll see them on social media with tons of followers and preaching to do the same. And they’ll even demand that you do webinars – even though you don’t have a product to sell.

Here’s the truth, my friend:

The race is won slow and steady.

It takes daily commitment towards your goals and relentlessly saying “no” to the shiny opportunities these Hare’s are selling.

Right now, I’m writing you this email on Easter morning from the Starbucks I write my email from every day…

… and most others are hiding future chickens laid by the pagan’s easter bunny somewhere in their neighbors lawn.

And, while that’s fine and dandy, those people will achieve their goals in gaps of years while we’ll get to ours in months.

They’ll see us chugging along, about to cross the finish line in the distance, and have to speed up to catch us – only to see we’ve already won.

Don’t dare be a Hare.

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Jeremy Montoya

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