Making your audience go coo-coo for cocoa puffs

Let’s talk about a highly overused word online these days:


When it comes to mind, most people think about logos, catchy phrases, and color schemes.

(none of which actually bring you any dead presidents)

When most people use the word “branding”, what they really mean to be saying is the word “business”.

However, I’ll admit…

Your brand IS a key component of what stays in your target market’s mind about you.

Let’s look at Apple’s brand, for instance (as beaten as this example is):

Every year they release the same damn thing with a shiny new spin – and everyone goes coo-coo for cocoa puffs to be first in line to spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to have it.

They go on to rationalize their purchase by saying they needed a bigger screen or a faster Siri.

In all reality, these people (me included) are making emotional decisions to purchase Apple products because they are a status symbol of not settling for the status quo, being “in the know”, and having the latest and greatest.


When you apply some basic principles to your business, you can just as easily create the same emotional connection that highly-successful companies and people around the world do that cause people to go bonkers.

(think: Apple, Starbucks, Michael Jordan, etc.)

My buddy Aaron Peirson has been laying it all out for me recently.

(he’s one of the few people I’ll actually listen to when it comes to branding)

In fact, his new book JUST went live on Amazon today.

(congrats brother!)

So, if you want to create a highly emotional connection with your audience (that causes your target market to buy your products faster than you can say “Sonny the Coo-Coo Bird”), then here’s what you need to know:

Aaron’s new book, Brand Dominance, is fresh off the digital presses and only .99¢ through this weekend.

After that, it goes up to $10.

(I’m trying to convince him to charge more for this highly-valuable info, but he’s a good guy)

Get it while it’s hot:

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