A cheap spanking from Tiger Woods

A few years back I took up a new hobby:


Well, if you’ve ever golfed or had a friend take up the sport, then you know what the first question always is after the first trip the driving range:

What equipment do I need to buy?


What’s the best brand of clubs?

If you know golf (or any sport or hobby, for that matter) then you know that while the tools may help, it’s the technique, inner work, and time spent in the sport that actually make you better. No individual club, grip, shoe, or golf bag is going to improve your game if you don’t know the core fundamentals.

But I see the same thing time and time again from entrepreneurs in Fakebook groups and in replies to my emails.

They’re wondering what email provider to use, what the best landing page software is, or the best way to deliver an eBook.

Do you think Tiger Woods could use a cheap club and still spank your bottom? Exactly.

The fact is that those things don’t matter.

While it’s fun (and feels good) to buy a new tool – you’ll never get the results of the pros if that’s all you worry about.

No tool or software is going to magically make your business sell stuff if you don’t know the basics like direct response or copy writing.

It isn’t necessarily fun to learn (unless you’re weird like me and stay up to the wee hours studying stuff from the dead people who taught it) but when you learn the basics, you hold the key to making any business successful.

Stick to basics my friend, you’re better off.

Jeremy Montoya

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