Frost-tipped online marketers

Online marketers are starting to look and sound a lot like MLM folks these days.

Guru’s and life coaches everywhere are “recruiting” people to their business by selling them the dream of instant success, BMW’s, and being able to travel the world by next week.

But the truth is – everyone gets got.

(even I’ve been had by these peeps before I knew better)

You’ll see them running Facebook ads standing in front of their fancy car, with their frost tipped hair and aviator sunglasses, claiming you can “start your movement” with a program valued at $29,000 – but selling it at $997.

Well my friend, I’ve sworn myself to always be upfront, honest, and straight forward with you.

That’s why I’m here today to tell you this:

Starting and running an online business ain’t easy.

It can be fun –

It can be simple –

But it definitely ain’t easy.

Anyone telling you different is capitalizing on your situation and lack of understanding how running a business actually works.

They won’t tell you about the long, sleepless nights where you’re worried about getting your first client.

They won’t tell you that they went massively in debt to start their own business.

And they certainly won’t tell you how to handle the negative thoughts that creep in at every moment.

Those are the ups and downs of running a REAL business in the REAL world.

Jeremy Montoya

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