List-building advice that makes cents

I’ve been thinking about charities and non-profits a whole lot lately…

A few of my biz buds recently inspired me to step my game up.

(think: what kind of power would these organizations have with responsive email lists at their whim?)

The other day you heard about a friend who went to a non-profit meeting only to hear them go on and on about their logo and other crap that won’t help them hit their goal of $12K.

(much like most online entrepreneurs do instead of taking action on the critical few things that turn hobbies into businesses)

Then a (very) valid question comes in via SnapSnap from Mandie:

Question. In your opinion, what do you think the focus of the meeting should have been that your friend attended? And what do you think is the biggest component in achieving that? (if not marketing stuff.) I spoke to someone who mentioned to me one of the biggest factors in non profit fundraising is being able to tell a good story…

Marketing ties into that right?


… at least – if you’re doing it right.

Here was my straight forward (and probably contradictory to what’s being taught online these days) advice – that, coincidentally, also applies directly to any online entrepreneur:

The biggest component to hitting a financial goal is cutting out distractions and saying “no” to the unimportant. The only way to get dollars is to be swiping cards or taking cash. Fastest path to cash is being in front of (the right) people or to be top of mind. Once you have their attention the game is storytelling in a convincing way that gets them to take action on your call.

It’s the same advice I give my students.

Cut the 80% (logos, social media, etc.) and focus on getting in front of the people with the money.


There you have it.

Charities and non-profits everywhere rejoice –

Finally some advice that makes cents.

(and a whole lot mo’)

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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