I felt kinda “small”…

Last night we a few bid’niz buddies get together.

We went around the table with what the next 3 years will look like for each of us – if it went the way we wanted.

Lots of inspiring things were shared like fixing hometowns, re-jigging the education system to foster entrepreneurship, non-profits, etc.

I felt kinda “small”…

Because when it got around to my turn to share, I realized I hadn’t thought about the big picture in quite some time.

Over the last year I’ve been heads-down building an online marketing agency for podcasters from scratch – so I’ve had little time to look up.

But things are a little different now.

I have a team, a diverse group of amazing clients, and we’ve expanded from podcasting into email and product launch and creation.

While the small-term focus helps you remain focused and building, it’s important to look up every now and again to keep your eyes on the prize.

Here’s what I do know:

My main goal will still be helping my audiences, building lists, and I’ll still be mailing them (probably daily) about helpful products and opportunities to help them.

Because when you have an email list – regardless of what hardships you may be experiencing in life – you have the ticket to controlling your finances and destiny.

When it comes to building a list, there’s a lot more mindset behind it than the experts are teaching these days.

But, you’ll still want the tools in place to make it easy so that you can remain focused on higher-level thinking and execution.

So, while no tool will make you an overnight sensation in your industry and skyrocket your email list (like the experts will tell you and make you feel)…

There are tools that I highly recommend you try and use.

Case in point – landing page tools.

You could create them from scratch…

But why waste that time when you can pay a nominal fee to have it done for you.

That’s why I use LeadPages.

It makes collecting email address a breeze so you can stay focused on the copy or your number one goal.

Check them out via my affiliate link here:


When you’re done checking them out, reply to this email with what your number one goal is.


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