Marketing skinny-lattes to the masses

To say I was a late-bloomer is no stretch of the truth.

For instance:

I didn’t lose my “baby fat” until I was about 19 years old, and didn’t have my first “real” relationship until about 21.

But I was ahead of my time.

When I was 16 I was already focused on my career, public speaking, and, of course, not failing high school.

I could’ve shifted my attention at that time to getting girls, cars, or a plethora of other things my friends were enamored with.

But I kept my head down and eyes on the prize.

When you stay focused on what you know or do best, you win in the long run.

With building an online business, it’s no different.

Case and point:

Every new social media platform that’s pops up is a new chance for some opportunity-seeking character to “claim it” and build a course showing you how to tap a few obvious buttons.

Businesses like that never mature.

It may look fun (much like the jealousy I felt of watching my friends going out with girls, having a nice truck, or doing whatever they wanted on the weekends while I worked on my next presentation or business idea) but it’s hardly ever rewarding in the long run.

Working, landing that next client, and having the discipline to avoid the shiny objects being marketed to entrepreneurs like skinny-lattes are marketed to the masses isn’t all that fun…

But not answering to anyone but yourself is.

The key to this, my friends, is avoiding distractions….

… while building and nurturing your email list.

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