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Recently had a chat with an old podcasting buddy…

He started off going in one direction (with a ton of content, podcast, etc.) but recently shifted.

Now, he’s sending a weekly newsletter and asking his personal friends and family to join his list and growing his business that *actually* makes him money.

(super smart to start)

At the end of our convo, he asked me for things he could be doing differently to get more milage out of his emails to get more leads and close more sales.

Here’s what I told him:

First – you’re making great content. Now, the game is about getting more eyes on it.

In his industry (like most), they are starved for content that isn’t just lame “how to” articles everyone’s throwing together these days.

So find some article directories, magazines, and newsletters you could repurpose the content for and pitch them on a weekly column of sorts.

Second (and this is where you pay attention if you want more sales), is to “sell” something in every email.

It doesn’t have to be a product, but you should give value to your list in the form of sending them to a resource.

Maybe it’s a paid resource, maybe not.

This works for a variety of reasons, but I told him just to sell a consultation for his advice (this gets them a – paying and, b – in the door)

I recommend you do the same.

Now, if you want more help with email, then you gotta check out the Email Success Summit (which started today).

To get your ticket, click the link below:

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