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While doing a list-building and nurturing consultation the other day I found out my client got kicked off of MailChimp.

TL;DR version:

She must have really pissed of that little monkey.


She’s been building a personal list for years through multiple careers and is going into a new chapter of her life and business. She wanted to reach out to everyone (60,000+) to say “hey” and “let me know how things are going” to kickstart her new ventures. After sending a few batches of emails, MailChimp let her know the spam button got hit 9 times (!).

Even worse:

She recognized many of the names who hit spam.

This just goes to show you that you can’t please everyone – and even people you know and trust may be quick to get one up on you.

Luckily for her, she still has her email list and can take it somewhere else – UNLIKE what happens if Fakebook, InstaGlam, or SnapSnap decide you aren’t behaving and shut your account down with no chance of getting it back.

It’s bad business to build your house on someone else’s land and rely solely on it.

Now if you’re looking for help building and nurturing your list to make some sales, listen up…

This week the Email Success Summit is kicking off.

You need not travel, book hotel, or even get dressed – for that matter.

(just please don’t tell me)

Speakers like Andre Chaperon, Perry Marshall, Ben Settle, Dany Inny, and myself will be presenting to help you with email marketing.

So don’t shake the cage and make the little monkey mad because the free tickets will be going away soon.

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