Giddy as a school girl listening to N’sync

Years back we had some cousins come and stay with us.

I couldn’t have been older than 11.

They just had their first born and she loved Dora The Explorer.

Everyday this silly little cartoon would play in our living room and I just couldn’t understand what was so damn special about it.

She couldn’t go a day without it.

The opening tune would play and it was like nothing else in the world existed to her.

The same thing happens as you build and nurture your email list:

Someone finds you, sees you’re the EXACT person they need to solve their problems, your email hits their inbox, and they MUST read it and buy whatever you’re offering.

Around the same time my cousins came and stayed with us I was into skateboarding.

When I wasn’t outside skating, you’d find me inside or in the classroom playing with a fingerboard.

(trust me, I was much better with these than with an actual skateboard)

Not much has changed because I today I turned 26 but found myself giddy as a school girl listening to N’sync while my roommate and I ordered “professional” wooden fingerboards from amazon…

(and as I play with one sitting on my desk)

When you value something – no matter the cost – you’ll go out of your way to keep experiencing it.

And that’s why building your email list and sending helpful advice is so powerful.

It’s how you can be Dora to your audience or the thing your customers keep coming back for like I do with finger skateboards.

But for a lot of people (myself included), building an email list is no cake-walk.

It’s an uphill battle.

And, once you have a list, it can be nerve-racking to even send a single email to your subscribers.

There’s a fundamental mindset that goes along with building your audience, but you don’t have to be some “guru” in your space to be helpful and to make a living in the process.

In fact, Liam Austin (host of the upcoming Email Success Summit) somehow coaxed me to sharing not only the exact mindset I recommend you have with your list – but also the step-by-step process I used to monetize my small list that literally anyone can use.

And while tickets are free right now, they won’t be for long.

Get yours here:

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