Proof that you don’t need a big email list

True story:

When I first came on to the scene I made my first dollars online with a list of a little over 50 people. A few months later I announced a one-on-one coaching program that brought in over $5,000 in revenue in one month.

At the time time, my list was under 300 and I had no existing products.

The only thing going for me was a deep line-up of clients I hustled to get who were paying me monthly for done-for-you list-building services, and the stories I’d send out everyday to help you realize you need to be focusing your list, too.

Why should this matter to you?

Well, for starters, this is proof that you don’t need a big email list – you only need a highly responsive group of people with a problem you’re passionate about (and capable of solving).

That’s it.

So, while you may feel like a dweeb for having a small list right now, you need not.

That’s because I recently revealed the interworking of exactly how I monetized my email list so early on (and how you can, too) for a big email marketing event that’s about to kick off.

The line up is HEAVY.

(Peeps like Perry Marshall, Dany Inny, John McIntyre, Ben Settle, Navid Moazzez, Joel Comm, Andre Chaperon… and that’s only naming a few)

The event normally costs $995, but Liam Austin – the smart lad who put this all together – is letting you get free access while the event is live.

(he could be charging double, up front, in my opinion)

But time’s ticking to grab your spot.

Get it here:

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