Treat these two like your granny

I may have made the OCD folks upset yesterday judging by the flood of emails in my inbox.

Yesterday’s list-building lesson was simple:

You have to fully commit to building and nurturing your email list if you want to see long sustained results…

There are some things I highly recommend hesitating on or delaying all together… That’s the 80%.

That list includes (but isn’t limited to): growing your social media followers, making pretty images for your blog posts, worrying about your wordpress theme, debating what email service provider to sign up for, watching every webinar that comes your way, growing your klout score…

I could go on.

It’s the 80% that keeps entrepreneurs from focusing and ever seeing the light in their business.

Hence “hesitation kills”.

So, with that outta the way, let’s talk about the 20% now.

When you remove the distractions, dreams someone else is selling you, and the little mindless things from the equation, you’re left with two things…

Get to know these two things like the back of your neck and treat them like your granny:

Action & Results.

Being in business means getting leads and turning them into customers.

Marketing means getting your stuff in front of other people’s audience.

It’s that simple.

I dunno who said it first, but I love this quote:

Money is attracted to speed.

^^ this, my friend, is the difference between success now or success never. It’s why your stuff doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough.

For instance, yesterday I spelled brakes as ‘breaks’ throughout my entire email.

This then triggered the OCDness (and what I’m assuming caused the flood in my inbox that can wait until after I write this email and do my ‘mission critical’ tasks).

Would spelling breaks correctly have made a huge difference?

Are you suddenly less likely to not build your email list and missed my entire point because of one measly word?

Me thinks not.

I wrote the email, gave it a once over, and hit send – then proceeded to work on my pipeline and a few upcoming digital products.

(AKA stuff that gets me paid and gets my audience results)

I recommend you start doing the same.

Make your emails, products, and posts good enough then get back to basics – there’s always tomorrow to do it better…

The faster you ship the faster you can iterate and get it right.

Good day.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – I said good day!

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