Hesitation kills online business owner

A piece of advice that always sticks with me from one of my motocross buddies:

Hesitation kills.

What he was referring to was a concept in extreme sports, that, in my opinion, applies directly to building your business and plagues many an entrepreneur.

In motocross, you have to be quick in the head to make decisions as you’re racing around the track. One small hesitation or not committing to the turn or jump and that’ll be you’ll last rodeo.
You have to let off the break, crank up the speed, and go for it.

Online it’s the same thing:

Day in and out you’re struggling to focus on the few things that *actually * grow your business.

It’s a confusing world out there, but hesitating on the 20% of actions that move the needle could be the “death” of you and your business.

I found this reply deep in my inbox while searching for a message earlier:

I am trying to change directions with my company from consulting to training and I know getting an email list built up is important but I have a hard time committing to sending a newsletter.

Well, honey, if you can’t commit to building an email list and sending them your advice, then your business simply can’t commit to you.

You’re in or you’re out – it’s that simple.

All to often, entrepreneurs start offering services and never find a way out to scale their business or time – causing them to come crashing down for never letting off of the break and “going for it”.

If that’s you, you MUST commit.

Commit to building your list and giving them chances to change their business and life by investing in YOUR products.

It’s that simple amigo.

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