Glide right in through the doggy door

While at the last day at InfusionSoft’s conference yesterday, a bit of genius sparked:

I was writing my email about the lessons from my mom’s life while two of my buddies were talking with someone at the conference.

My buddy Andrew (who helps families feel secure about their future with premium insurance plans) was introducing himself when I jokingly interrupted and belted that he “sells high-quality insurance packages for pet owners in the long-hair Chihuahua niche”.

We got a chuckle out of it and then Andrew said he actually has a buddy who makes out like a banker by targeting pet owners first AND THEN offering them all sorts of insurance for other areas of their life.


But then I got to thinking:

A lot of people always make analogies about “getting in the backdoor” (as if to be sneaky to land your next customer) – but that’s a foul way of looking at it if you ask me.

Only snake-oil salesmen and pyramid schemers need to do that…

When you know your audiences “soft spot” – in this case, their pets – you basically get a warm invite in.

Your customers may have their guard up at the front door, and it’s highly unethical (in my book) to “sneak in” through the back door…

Especially when you can glide right in through the doggy door.

Take a nice hard look at your core customers right now – what do they deeply care about?

What makes their voices get so high-pitched and their heart so warm that they can’t help but hear about (and buy) what you have to offer?

Me thinks that if you find this everything else becomes so much easier.

Jeremy Montoya

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