A ‘math-less’ customer-getting equation

Every Sunday I do this little routine…

I wake up at whatever hour, get dressed, walk Elvis, then head to my favorite vegan restaurant – Green – for brunch.

Immediately after, it’s straight to this hipster coffee shop I dig to start my work day.

I sit down to write my intentions and review my number one goal, and then – reward.

That first big sip o’ coffee.

While this is nothing new and many of you know the routine I follow everyday, it’s created another routine…

And there’s an important lesson for you and your customers if you’re building your business online.

Here goes it:

Think about why you go to your favorite fast-food chain. Usually it’s a combination of liking the food, and knowing it’s going to taste the same as going to any one of their locations (9 times outta 10).

This is single-handedly the reason companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks have succeeded.

The equation is:

Expectation + Consistency = Repeat Customers

(no math skillz required)

Luckily for you, the tools available today have never been better for building a list of customers and being that “fast food chain” that your people keep coming back for.

So whether you’re offering services or selling digital products, you have to find that one way to keep showing up and delivering your message.

Email is that way.

One of the ways I recommend starting to capture leads is absolutely free – and doesn’t even require you to be using an email service provider (perfect for those building the “Reverse Email List”).

Check it out here:


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