Starting a Non-Profit is “not like a normal business”

This email comes to you from 1,000 feet in the air (and climbing).

Nashville was a blast — the SlingShot launch was a success and it was fun seeing support from peeps like Jeff Goins, Pat Flynn, and plenty of others who swung though the ConvertKit office or Blabbed in.

Big hat-tip to Bryan Harris for his badass product-creation methods.

Let’s talk about getting people to a launch of your own now…

My friend Mandie from SnapChat sends in:

My non-profit’s event is coming up! How do I get people to it?

In a previous life I worked for a non-profit.

And it’s funny because all of the other non-profits around us always complained about not having money or how starting a non-profit is “not like a normal business”…

Which is just a lazy mindset, if you ask me.

Getting people to your event (course, product, or service) means spending all of your efforts doing 2 things…

So here’s what I told her:

It’s obvious why people should attend (it’s bringing together “celebrity coaches” for a middle-school flag football event to offer positive activities for the kids), so the name of the game is eyeballs and communication.

First, find the places your people are already at.

If it’s a local event like this, where do they physically hangout?

(Same for you online peeps)

Collect their emails and get them on your list.

And once they’re subscribed, stay top of mind by contacting them leading up to the event (and after for future events).

When you have an email list of people interested in what you got, you hold the key to never launching something to an “empty room”.

What are YOU working on building an audience for right now?

Shoot your answer my way by hitting reply and I’ll offer any of my straight-to-the-point biz advice I can.

Jeremy Montoya

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