The reverse list wins again

There are two ways to build an email list.

Normal way = people sign up on your blog, etc.

But when you’re just starting out, the “reverse email list” (as I call it) is the way to go.

(basically a private list of people you want to work with who you’re building a relationship with)

Sometimes you combine the two, sometimes you focus on one.

Maggie (one my private coaching clients) sends in:

Just got a client who said yes! After I offered her a package. :D I think my packages need a lot of work, but I already can see what a big difference it makes to have an offer.

The reverse list wins again.

We’ll be scaling her efforts next (ah-la the “normal” email list), but until then, landing clients is the name of the game.

At the same stage of building your biz?

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