muy importante

I’m at the airport getting ready to board – so no time for dilly-dally.

(like the airliners like so much)

In recent days we’ve talked about short, mid, and long term goals and how you should balance those things.

Too many people try building an online business and then go cash-broke realizing that social media tends to be time-waster and that you can’t make the big bucks selling courses if you don’t have a list.

(I was in this camp not all that long ago)

Which is why getting clients is muy importante.

This post covers 3 reasons why aren’t getting any right now.

I realized late last night while prepping to fly out to Tennessee to meet my coach that there’s one big piece missing in the post above:

Follow up.

So here’s the deal, if you haven’t already, read the post.

If you have, (or just finished), I have a trade for you…

You leave a genuine comment on the post, and I’ll shoot you over (via email) my number 1 method for following up (so that you don’t look like a huge bag in the process).

Following up in a way that was helpful but not bugging was a big obstacle that kept me from generating revenue as I started online.

And chances are it’s doing the same to you.

Go leave your thoughts now, send a screenshot my way, and you’ll get direct help.

Jeremy Montoya

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