The good kind of MS

Last night, while working until the wee hours on a few upcoming products to help with list-building and getting more clients, my roommate (and budding businessman) Delbert came into the office.

He’s experiencing the life most wish they had…

Clients are coming to him at a rate faster than he keep up with – and he’s raising his prices left and right for his high-end wedding cinematography services.

The problem he’s currently facing:

What to name his business.

The funny part is that this is where most people get hung up.

They worry about their logo, business name, or LLC way BEFORE even making any money.

They go on tweeter to tell the world that they’re starting a business and asking for name ideas to get a pat on the back instead of doing things that land them clients.

He’s obviously done things right.

(maybe it’s from being around your truly. maybe not)

Any who, we got to talking about name ideas when something earlier in the day came to mind…

While my buddy Jose and I were driving around town he spotted a store called “We Sell Liquor”.

And while that might sound like a cheesy name… It’s absolutely genius.

Let’s break it apart…

Someone looking to buy some booze is literally driving around town looking at grocery stores and asking themselves “do they sell liquor?”.

When they see the name answering the question they’re asking, they immediately turn in.

This is what Eugene Schwartz called “market sophistication” in his famous book Breakthrough Advertising.

MS (the good kind) is about entering the conversation going on in your prospects mind.

And when you know that convo, you should use those words as soon as you can to get their attention.

Your business name, product descriptions, headlines, email subjects, etc. should all start with this in mind.

This is just one powerful way to begin attracting clients your way, but it’s a multi-faceted process.

In fact, you can get even more help with avoiding distractions (like Delbert did), knowing the problems your customers has (like Delbert does), and getting paid (yes, again, like Delbert has been).

Delbert’s focusing on what matters in business.

Be like Delbert.

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