Dartboard business lessons

I’ve been playing a lot of darts recently…

I’ll wake up and let Elvis out and throw a couple darts.. or hop on a business call and take it outside while aiming for the bullseye. And while walking back and forth from the dartboard, a few business lessons have popped their heads up (not to mention the relationship stuff that is highly relevant, but neither here nor there).

Where was I?

Ah, yes, dartboard business lessons.

At first I would aim at the bigger spaces on the boards (much like how many entrepreneurs try to find the easiest way to start a business and go for it – not knowing that those things don’t lead to sales – like building “relationship equity” on social media).

But after a while I just started aiming for the bullseye.

Miss after miss I just kept aiming. But little by little I started hitting the outside green bullseye every 3 or so attempts… And now just about every other turn I take – bullseye.

Here’s what I’ve noticed (and what the highly profitable business lesson is for anyone running an online business or looking to):

By aiming for the bullseye you learn the most critical aspects of the game like strong hand-eye coordination (consistency), picking a target (goal setting), always aiming at the same target (discipline), how to hit any other area on the board (flexibility)…

And by knowing those critical pieces – you know how to win the game or make sales…

Which is ultimately your goal, right hombre?

While the gurus and the grupies are screaming at the top of their lungs to grow relationships, it’s nothing without a strong sense of knowing how to close the deal.

And when it comes to getting clients and customers, cutting out the crap advice and getting people to pay you keeps you from going back to the j-o-b or needing one at all.

But those are just two of the three big pieces to getting clients.

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  • I think this is the perfect analogy mate. Besides darts being one of the best drinking games out there, it’s great for building the tenacity that we need as Entrepreneurs

    • haha so true man. Can’t wait to play a few games together down under! Haha