The entrepreneurial limbo

If you wanted your life to be easy you could just stay in your job or go get a new one right?

But, instead, every morning you wake up with a fire in your eyes knowing that somehow – some way – you’re going to make this “entrepreneur thing” work out.

You struggle to tell your family and friends what you *actually * do and deal with the weird looks around the dinner table during the holidays.

Everywhere you go you feel alone. The people around you are all starting to look like zombies who haven’t seen the kind of potential in themselves that you know deep down isn’t just a wish…

It’s reality.

This sheet isn’t easy, amigo.

No, it’s tough.

It’s a constant rollercoaster of “ah-ha” moments followed immediately by a slew “oh sh*t” moments.

But that’s the fun – living on your own terms or having a chance to do so.

To look society square in the face and say “I figured you out you little beotch”.

That’s the trophy, the prize – all the marbles.

Second to that is the feeling of bringing in more revenue or getting that next customer.

And – regardless of the stage you’re at – you need a constant stream of customers if you want to keep from boarding up the windows.

Three huge factors play into this:

  1. Getting good advice
  2. Knowing your market’s problems
  3. Getting paid

And when you nail those three parts, the heavens open, the clouds part, and Mark Cuban reaches his hand out to welcome you to the promise land.

Focusing on anything else means living in the entrepreneurial limbo of uncertainty and job searching.

Stop the sinning on your future self and focus on the three things that matter.

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