Protection for their feets, and shoes for the streets

When you buy a pair of Nike’s, you buying shoes… Right?

That’s what it looks like on the surface.

But, when you dive deeper into the mind of your customer, something else begins to reveal itself.

The same is true of clients – and it’s critical to know why if you want more of them.

You see, humans are insanely rational.

(if you haven’t already noticed)

We buy on emotion and then rationalize after.

So while you think your client may be buying your service or your course…

They’re actually solving a deeper human need.

And, while it’s fun to talk about the features of your product or service, it’s almost a complete wast of your time.

What should you talk about?

And what should you do so that you can get inside of your customer’s mind (almost like a hypnotist would)?

The answer lies here amigo:

When someone’s paying $100+ for a pair of kicks, they’re buying protection for their feet (survival), and to look attractive while out and about on the street (replication).

Know and focus on the core of what your customer’s want and you can never do any wrong.

Jeremy Montoya

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