3 Psychological Reasons Why You Aren’t Finding Clients

When’s the last time you looked at Apple’s product line-up?

Browse online or take a walk into one of their stores and you’ll notice something very particular:


By keeping things so basic and straight-forward, it makes it easy to see why people should by.

Unfortunately for most entrepreneurs, we enjoy doing the exact opposite.

We make it hard for potential clients to see why they should buy our services and pimp ourselves out hour-by-hour…

Or even for free.

How do you attract customers so that you don’t have to feel like you’re always “pitching”?

How do you get so crystal-clear on what you offer that you hardly have to do any talking?

And how do you avoid time-wasting mistakes designed to keep you from getting money?

Let’s find out.

Half of the problem of finding clients is talking with ones that actually have money to pay you.

Combine this by working with people who will elevate your name by association and you have the ultimate one-two punch.

This free guide (which vanishes like the others) will help you with both.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • How to push through the “information overload” that you and your clients are facing (to avoid years of wasted time)
  • What to do right now to avoid distractions that keep you from making money and finding clients (the “gurus” might not like this one)
  • Why your customers actually pay for certain things (and the deep-rooted reason why they decide against buying others)
  • The toughest part of getting clear about your target market’s problems (and why you’re probably getting in the way of making much-deserved money)
  • What the fast-food industry is doing better than anyone else when it comes to helping customers decide to buy (and buy more)

Why You Aren’t Finding Clients

1) You’re getting shit advice (cut it out)

In 1982, futurist and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller estimated that it took approximately 1500 years for all of the knowledge humanity to double.

And, the next doubling of knowledge only took about 250 years.

By 1900, total knowledge had doubled yet again.

So, looking at the trend, information was doubling faster and faster.

Today, that “doubling speed” is between 1–2 years (and probably closer to 1).

The internet has caused a massive problem for you and your target customers.

You see, there’s more information than ever.

What once took a librarian to do hours of research on now takes second with the push of a button on an iPhone.

We now live in an ever growing world of information overload.

So not only is it harder for your ideal clients to identify if you’re worth hiring – it’s made it even tougher for you as an entrepreneur to sort out the good advice from the bad.

That means most online businesses owners are wasting years of times reading worthless blog posts, listening to crappy podcasts full of fluff, and buying courses made by people who need the course themselves.

While helping your target clients is a post for another day, let’s start with what to do to eliminate this information overload from keeping you from landing paying clients.

  1. Unsubscribe from mailing lists that you aren’t taking action on.
  2. Unfollow people who make you feel like you aren’t good enough or following their bright shiny object.
  3. Tune out the distractions that are keeping you from focusing on money-making tasks.

While the “gurus” might not like the advice above, your banker will ;)

2) You don’t know what problems your target client has

When someone buys a pair of Nike shoes, it looks like they are attracted to the brand, or maybe even the latest technology Nike is featuring.

But when you dive a little deeper, those sweet Nike kicks are attached to something much deeper.

At the top, it’s association.

By buying a pair of Nike’s, you’re telling the world something about yourself.

Your customers tell the world who they are by what they purchase.

… But that’s still on the surface.

One level lower, you buy a pair of shoes – Nike’s or not – to protect your feet while out in the wild.

And, on a much deeper level, having protection on your feet allow you to survive.

(not to mention that someone wearing Nike’s or nice shoes is also telling the opposite sex something about their status or morals, which brings replication into the conversation)

Your clients are no different.

They may be talking to you about your video editing services – but what are they really looking for?

What will having a well edited video really mean for their business and personal life?

When you get to the core – and ONLY when you get to an emotional level – will you be able to understand and communicate what your target prospects are driven to buy.

Here’s how you start getting below sea-level when talking with clients:

  1. Ask questions to understand their needs. What are their goals? What have they tried? What will life look like when they have their desired result? When you ask questions, you go from “pitch mode” to “understand mode” a subtle – but POWERFUL technique.
  2. Shut up and listen (this is the toughest part). Get out of your way (and theirs) by putting a zipper on it.
  3. Repeat what your client is saying to you to confirm that you’re getting all of the details.

One side (but very important) note:

Avoid – all at costs – getting answers to these questions in any other environment than in-person or over the phone/skype.

3) You don’t know how to get people to pay you right now

Have you ever had to watch a movie and missed the ending?

Disappointing, right?

Well, when you don’t know how to close the deal you make your clients feel the same way.

You build up the anticipation of being the one to solve their problems, only to blow it because you don’t know how to start talking about the green stuff.

Having the confidence to discuss payment and next steps means being in charge, knowing your client’s needs, and having them realize that they’re a fit for you – and you’re a fit for them.

Consider this when talking with prospective clients:

  1. Don’t spill the beans. The biggest mistake you’re making right now is hearing their needs and starting to craft a masterplan while spewing it all over your client. Stop it. They pay for that.
  2. Find out if they’re ready to invest in a solution. Why tell someone about your pricing and how packages work if they aren’t ready? If they say no, the conversation doesn’t have to stop – but they should know that prices will be going up and you’re service is only for serious action takers.
  3. Offer multiple options. I despise fast-food, but they have the customer-mindset down. “Do you want the jumbo size?” “Fries with that?” “Any dessert for you today?” Create “Starter, Mid-Level, and Advanced Level” packages for your clients to give them choices and freedom to do what feels right for them.

Just like Apple, you must keep it simple

Finding paying clients means sticking to the basics, listening more, and talking less.

Me and many of my students have found that just leading the conversation by asking questions and letting the client do the talking wins the game.

Keeping it simple is easier said than done, but with this article in hand you’re off to a good start

What to do RIGHT NOW if you’re looking for clients:

  1. Sit for 10 seconds and think about recent experiences you’ve had where clients haven’t paid. What could you have done better after reading this article?
  2. If you’re looking to work with celebrity-status clients in your industry (who will elevate your name just by working with them and have money to pay you). Then download this free guide now.
  3. Bookmark this post right now and share it with a friend. One of the most powerful ways to get better is to surround yourself with others on the same mission. Start the conversation with your friends and social following by sharing this post now.

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