Hustling yo’ face off

Seems like Gurus everywhere (and their grupies) these days are screaming:

If you aren’t “hustling your face off” then you aren’t doing it right.

^^Shall we call it “entrepreneur shaming”?^^

Whatever your level of “hustle”, only one thing rings true IMO: if you’re living to someone else’s standard – you’ve already lost.

I’ve been just as guilty as letting others making me feel bad for not doing whatever thing they’re selling, but I’ve realized that success (in my book) is living on my own terms – no one else’s.

If I want to work until 3 AM. Cool.

Not work at all for 6 hours in the middle of the day because it’s my Dad’s birthday and my business allows it? (like I did yesterday) Cool.

Whatever lifestyle you’re aiming for, the fact is this:

You must work on high-level shit that doesn’t just get you vanity metrics. It should get you giant steps closer to revenue or more of it while helping more and more people along the way.

That said, building your email list is one of those few tasks you can keep going back to time and again to get big results.

Let’s say you’re just selling services at the moment. Imagine being able to send an email (to even 50 people) that says, “I got some openings, if you want help with X, go here.”

Where this rocket really leaves orbit is when you start incorporating stories and focusing entirely on getting more subscribers and offering your list more ways to solve their problems.

^^talk about a napkin-sketch biz plan

More email writing and list-building for you to “hustle yo face off to” here:

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