Toe-to-toe with Chuck E. Cheese

Remember the big debacle that happened to Dominoes Pizza a few years back?

Taste test results were revealed – pitting them in last place, toe-to-toe, with none other than Chuck E. Cheese’s.

No bueno.

Dominoes had to figure something out.

What’d they do?

They did a deep dive on the things that made them unique and found one small way they could stand out amongst competitors.

Their new focus:

We’ll deliver your pizza in 30 minutes or less – or it’s free.

They could’ve focused on their chicken wings, crust thickness, cheese quality, or a slew of other things.

Instead, they picked just one.

What’s this mean for you?

For your clients it means having one thing you do better than anyone else and communicating the value – the more obvious the value is, the better.

For your email list, that means sending help around your single focus as much as possible – daily preferably.

Being tied with Chuck E. Cheese’s is nothing to be fond of.

So be unique by focusing on being better at one thing and communicating more than your competitors.

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Jeremy Montoya

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