What IS an email list?

Seen in the comments last night while doing a guest appearance on my buddy Kristian’s Periscope broadcast on funnels:

What IS an email list?

Now, a lot of you may know the answer to this, but the reality is that their are two types of email lists (in my book).

The first – a list of people who’ve given you permission to stay in contact with them.

The second – a private list of people you’re targeting that haven’t give you permission to stay in contact with them.

(I call this a “reverse email list”)

Let’s talk about the first today, shall we?

If you wanted to build an audience and want to monetize it one day, then you’d have to create a way to stay in contact with them.

While most think of using Facebook or Twitter to stay in contact, that isn’t the best way.

For one, you have tons of competition in the form of ads and other accounts.

Secondly, you don’t own it.

Meaning you’re at the mercy of these platforms should they decide to change.

(think back to when Facebook announced the algorithm update and sent everyone into a fury. Or when Google updates their SEO rules. Rumor has it that Twitter will be doing something similar.)

Not a smart way to build your business.

So, why email?

It’s simple: people still check it – much like they do their physical mail boxes.

Email is personal. It’s where we hear from family, bill collectors, and private matters.

And even though people don’t check it like they once did back in the early 2000’s – they still check it.

And, more importantly, you own it.

So if building an audience means having their attention (and you want to make money off it), then you must start building a list of people interested in hearing from you.

Getting started building your email list means getting your first 100 subscribers – and it also means cutting out distractions that take away from making huge progress.

Here some help to get you going:


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