Make money WITHOUT social media or an email list

When you go to the doctor, you expect them to tell you exactly what’s going on without sugarcoating it.

And that’s what I aim for in every email I send you.

Today’s no different…

Because I have something you need to hear (that if applied properly – could help you generate enough revenue before the end of this month to question every course you’ve bought, guru you follow, and book your reading) so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Here goes it:

Anyone telling you that you need a big social media following or email list is full of number 2.

You see, most people hear about the opportunity of having a list or social following and their eyes turn green with dollar signs.

So they start growing their audience and go straight for the sale.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

You see, the selling is NEVER done on social media. You HAVE to get them off.

Same goes for your email list if you haven’t sold a product yet.

Tell them about your offer, but get them OFF social and onto a phone call as soon as possible

Proof, you ask?

Take the coaching program I launched (and successfully closed) in December.

There’s lots for you to takeaway from what I did (just go through previous emails I sent you) but none better getting them my makeshift “funnel” of getting the interested folks on a call.

Another example for ya since I’m such a nice guy:

My buddy Blake Croft (the SnapChat genius who’s been killing it 10 seconds a time) has been working on a coaching program of his own and pinged me with some q’s to make his launch effective.

My advice:

  1. Social doesn’t sell, it can only warm people up. So don’t rely on it.
  2. Move those interested to the phone to learn more
  3. Email daily about your offer

Then I dropped bomb after bomb with what he needs to say step-by-step in those phone calls if he wants to add students to his program, help his audience, and make some decent cash in the process.

But I think that’s enough learning for you today.

presses ‘send’. closes laptop. takes sip of iced coffee. goes back to plotting world takeover

Jeremy Montoya

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