Interruption marketing

So let’s say you’ve been building your following on social media.

And, let’s also say that you haven’t landed a single client from it yet.

No worries, it happens all the time.

You see, the gurus want you to think that social media is the “end all be all” for business… But that just isn’t true.

Case and point: Facebook.

^^^ insert your fav platform here ^^^

Is it really any different than TV ads? They interrupt you from doing what you want to be doing – and besides the SuperBowl commercials, I don’t know a single person who likes them.

Not saying they don’t work – stay with me amigo.

I’m just saying that people aren’t in the mood to buy when they’re on these platforms.

(people aren’t dumb and have caught on – which is why you now have to run ads to pretty blog posts and warm your leads up before hitting them with the ’ol sales pitch)

So while you look and feel really cool for having a following and tons of likes, you have to keep showing up for your day job and your bank account keeps looking at you like “tf?”.

The solution to this lies in yesterday’s email.

It’s all about the “reverse email list”.

It’s basically a private list of peeps you want to build a relationship to do business with.

But to get really good results, you have to cut the BS out.

That means less social media, less content consumption, and sometimes less family and friends time.

More tomorrow,

Jeremy Montoya

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