It’s only a matter of time until disaster strikes

You could build the best looking and structurally sound house in the neighborhood…

But if it’s sitting on top of a sinkhole it’s only a matter of time until disaster strikes.

Which really makes me wonder why people are so gun-ho on social media.

Over the last year, we’ve seen Periscope pop up – and even more recently we’re seeing a huge boom on SnapChat.

I use both to grow my business (and can track sales back from both platforms) – but you shouldn’t rely on them.


Because you don’t own them.

Let’s look to what happened on Facebook awhile back…

Pages launched and people rushed to grow their audience and business on it. Fast forward a few years and Zucks changes the algorithm so that users aren’t being bombarded with pitch after pitch.

That’s the way it goes – and will continue to go on these platforms.

Which brings me to email marketing – still, hands up, the best way to stay in contact and grow your business.

List size, following, hearts, likes, snaps, and whatever other funky word being used at the time doesn’t matter – only sales do.

Find a solid foundation – THEN (and only then) you should build your house.

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