It’s how you use it

After my aunt’s funeral services today, the entire family got together to eat and enjoy each other’s company.

There wasn’t much I could eat so I just hung out and helped setup and clean in between laughs.

Towards the end, the mop got passed around a bit and ended up in my hands, when my oldest cousin (my aunt’s only son), pipes up:

“Don’t worry Jeremy, you can blog about this later.”


Couldn’t have been truer.

You see, when you’re building an email list of people who are eager for the help you offer (since you’re knowledgable and entertaining), everything becomes a lesson and chance to bring value to your list.

(and profits – if you’re doing it right)

Write when you want.

Work during the day and building your biz at night? Send it then.

Tons of clients? Write your email first thing to help scale from services to products.

As I write this, some family is in the den, some in the living room, some in the kitchen, and some outside.

I could’ve wrote this sooner, but I didn’t know where it would go.

That’s the beauty of having an email list.

Whatever the case – the money isn’t in the list – it’s how you use it.

We’ve all been at the beginning stages of building, whatever the case, here’s some help to get to (and beyond) your first 100 subscribers.

Jeremy Montoya

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