You’re not missing anything

If you’re just starting your business, there’s nothing better you can do (IMO) while building your list than to email them daily.

And I have case after case of students and subscribers on this list who’ve tried this for less than a week and brought in dollars.


When you tell someone you send an email out everyday you’ll get one of two reactions:

1) Blank stare (they don’t get it), or,
2) What I call the “why-would-you-ever-do-that” face

Then comes a response on SnapChat to my daily mindset yesterday:

Not trying to be negative, but I personally hate receiving email and would unsubscribed if you emailed me everyday!

What am I missing???

You’re not missing anything, because honestly, I would unsubscribe, too.


  • You’re talking about a problem I have (preferably that’s eating at me and I’m dying to solve right NOW)
  • You were entertaining (and bonus points if you talked about my problem in an interesting way)
  • I feel that you’re someone I can trust and respect to help me with something I’m experiencing (back to the problem)

So, while there are hundreds of people I signed up to hear from that I’m no longer subscribed to, there are still a handful that I go to my inbox to read before my feet hit the ground.

Imagine being that person for your audience.

People will sign up, not be used to daily email (or not a fit for your advice or personality), and immediately unsubscribe.

That’s OK.

They wouldn’t buy from you in the first place…

(would you want them to??)

And when you email daily in a helpful and entertaining way, you speed up the process of knowing who’s a fit for your help.

I’ve probably had more unsubscribers than I’ve had subscribers – but that’s the name of the game.

So, while emailing daily is powerful, it’s nothing without an audience.

If you’re just building yours, then you gotta check out the post below on getting your first 100 subscribers:

If running an online business is just a hobby, then do what the gurus are telling you and add pretty pictures to your posts and only email once a week or every other week.

But if you’re here to solve problems and make money, follow the above.

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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