Enough is enough

As I write this, Elvis is breathing hard in my face and I’m sitting in the back of the truck with him and my godson on the way to New Mexico.

(guess this is what happens when you’re the youngest cousin in the car)

And I got to thinking…

The word “hustle” has become popular in the entrepreneur space recently.

And it’s even made yours truly feel guilty for not working 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

Which begs the topic of balance.

When is ‘enough’…enough?

At what point are you avoiding or neglecting things like your health and family?

And when have you made enough money or created enough time that you can ease off the pedal?

I have the feeling that the same people who are bought into the idea of hustling (me included) will be quickly sold on the notion of relaxation — as the pendulum always swings back the other way.

One thing is for sure…

if you’re not happy with your results in business — then now is time to be fully invested.

It’s time to play all of your cards when you’re at the ground level.

Spend all evening after work and every free moment on your business, learn how to use the Internet to get incredible exposure to your products and services, explain to your family what it means to you and them, cut out all distractions and shit advice, and prioritize your every move.

This gives you the ultimate advantage.

That’s why emailing everyday is even more critical.

Whether you have 1 subscriber or 1 thousand — you can stand out amongst everyone else who’s too lazy or feels like they’re bugging their list if they email more than once a week.

Me and many others on this list have started sending an email and publishing that post day in and out and have seen clients sign up when we thought no one was paying attention.

Are you just realizing how important having an email list, or are you just starting to focus on building it?

Then boy do I have the cure for you muchacho.

It starts with setting a goal…

… and doing everything to keep that goal front of mind.

Once you have you’re goal — you’re free to start or keep building.

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